Atomic Nutrition - EEAs ( Aminos)

Atomic Nutrition - EEAs ( Aminos)

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What it is:
EAA (Essential Amino Acid Blend) contains all the essential Amino Acids (EAAs) because it’s the essential amino acids (Amino Acids that your body cannot create) that trigger muscle protein synthesis and therefor faster muscle growth. We added BCAA (leucine, isoleucine and valine) to this EAA stack as well because its first in triggering protein anabolism, but once it’s triggered the EAA (essential amino acids) must take over to recover muscle breakdown. We also added a small amount of caffeine and green tea extract for a bit of energy during the day.

Why to use it:
To stay in a constant anabolic state for muscle growth All Day EAA is a great product to use during the day so that you never run out of the building blocks your body need to repair muscle

How to use it:
Mix 1 rounded scoop (approx. 11g) of Atomic Nutrition ALL DAY EAA with 200 ml – 250 ml of cold water. For optimal use consider taking one serving during, and one serving immediately after exercise, ideally along with a carbohydrate product such as Atomic Nutrition Complete Carbs. Alternatively use Atomic Nutrition ALL DAY EAA during the day to create an all-day recovery environment.EEAs


Complete essential & non-essential amino acid product

  • Flavour – Tangerine
  • Pack Size – 300g
  • MOQ  per flavour – 100 / flavour