Atomic Nutrition - Huge (Mass builder)

Atomic Nutrition - Huge (Mass builder)

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Atomic Nutrition’s Huge is packed with protein, complex carbohydrates and amino acids designed to help you to gain lean mass fast! The precise combination of proteins in this formula is designed to supply the amino acids needed by the body for the repair and growth of muscle tissue. Complex carbohydrates are included to provide energy for intense workouts, as well as to assist in muscular recuperation and restoration of glycogen reserves.

Why to use it:
For fast weight gain you cannot go wrong with Atomic Nutrition Huge, it contains the perfect ratio between protein, carbohydrates and calories to maximise the fastest muscle gain. Huge is a drink that is easy to use if you cannot eat enough calories from food sources.

How to use it:
Mix 4 scoops (160 g) to 400ml cold water or skim milk and mix until smooth. Consume one serving after training. On non-training days consume one serving with breakfast, additional servings may be consumed to increase caloric intake.


Advanced Calorie Loading Mass & Size Gainer

  • Flavour – choc 
  • Pack Size – 4kg