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Betatan 10 mg nasal (New Improved Formula)

Betatan 10 mg nasal (New Improved Formula)

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In modern culture a tanned skin appearance is commonly associated with health, vitality, and general attractiveness! The new and improved formula offers some added benefits.


this product has been Re -Formulated to offer improved results 

you will notice a new smell with this product 

This product is now able to travel 30 days out of refrigeration .

This means the travel time to  you doesn't degrade the product anymore . Now you to can travel safely with the product without the need to keep it refridgerated. the shelf life and pottery of this product has been improved  

BetaTan Tanning  peptide  helps both men and woman achieve a deep bronze tan without the risk of being exposed to dangerous UV rays. Unlock your body’s full tanning potential and achieve enhanced skin pigmentation that is second to none

BETATAN  offers:

  • Sunless tanning (requires more product use )
  • Ability to stay in the sun longer without burning 
  • Reduces appetite
  • larges doses will cause nausea