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NO GROW is a hair removal system that can be used in the PRIVACY of your own home for absolutely PERMANENT hair removal. The way this works is quite simple. The product mimics male pattern balding, in the sense that when men bald the hair follicle is starved of nutrients  over a long period of time. If the follicle is starved of nutrients over a 8 month month period the follicle will die FOREVER. Never to return no matter what you do. NO GROW is all natural and safe to use. Furthermore, it works on LIGHT HAIR TO DARK HAIR (incl greys) and works on LIGHT SKIN TO DARK SKIN


The product is applied just like Veet or a cream to the area which you want affected, over an 8 month period and the hair will be gone forever GUARANTEED!!!

The product is not designed to remove hair like veet per application, it is designed to work on the root so you welcome to continue with your usual hair removal programe 

Each area of the body has its own formula as each area has typically a different growth rate of hair, the strongest formula being for male beard. There is also an after gel solution that can be bought, generally for sensitive areas or sensitive skins. 


The mail beard formula may also be used on Men who are balding and opt for the Vin Diesel look!!!


How long does a bottle last?

Generally.2 to 3 bottles will last you 6 to 7 months (larger areas like legs will require more )

How long do I have to use it for?

Once per week for 8 months 



There is really no better hair removal system on the market as it offers privacy, convenience and above all, it is the most cost effective solution in the long run



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