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Your Easy Guide To Hair Removal Creams

Vanity has been a big part of our personalities for years. And be it a man or a woman, a significant aspect of all of our vanity is hair and hair growth. Although several products are made for hair protection and growth, very few speak about and offer information related to body hair and its removal. However, in the last few years, brands who sell, and men and women who use, hair removal products have become vocal about it. And we have got to know different hair removal methods, one of which is Hair Removal Creams.

hair removal cream for men

Whether this is hair removal cream for men, which isn’t talked about much, or the hair removal cream for women, which seems to have made its place in the beauty and aesthetic industry, they are a necessity and the most convenient method of hair removal. Here is a guide to understanding how it works and is a great way to go about body hair removal:

How Do Hair Removal Creams Work

Talking of hair removal creams, there are a few types. Few are body hair removal creams, facial hair removal creams, creams for intimate areas, etc. These are generally referred to as depilatory creams and work by weakening the keratin structure and thinning the hair base, eventually making it weak enough to be washed away.

Benefits Of Using A Depilatory/Hair Removal Creams:

  • Hair removal creams are the most effective method of hair removal.
  • The hair removal cream for women targets all kinds of hair and is safe to use.
  • This hair removal method does not need runs and reruns to the salon.
  • These creams cost much less than other methods like waxing and laser, making them affordable.
  • Hair removal creams are an easy and quick approach.
  • Hair removal cream for men targets a man’s body hair, which is different from that of a woman’s.
  • This procedure is the most painless hair removal technique and doesn’t give cuts and burns when used as directed.

But these are all temporary solutions. And just like shaving and waxing, the hair grows back. The hair removal creams at Betatan also work as growth inhibitors and can be used for hair removal. And in the long term, they do the job of a laser hair removal treatment.

Betatan Hair Removal Creams

Betatan offers hair removal cream for women and men, which can help remove unwanted hair from the body and face permanently, over six months, without going through hours of laser, and burning, cutting, and ripping your skin. The cream is to be applied once a week for six months, and the hair is guaranteed to be gone completely. The grown inhibitors in the formula make sure that the hair follicle is starved of necessary nutrients and eventually dies, ensuring that the hair does not grow back.

hair removal cream for women


There are variants for a hair removal cream for women for facial hair removal, body hair removal, and one for intimate areas. The hair removal cream for men is for the body and one for the beard, which is their most potent formula, as beard hair is thick and hard to remove. The formulae for different variants are different, as the hair varies. These are effective over a more extended period and show full results after six months.

It is safe to say that hair removal is almost anyone’s need. And for the people who do not want to go through the painful, lengthy procedures, this is a great option to consider to get rid of the unwanted body hair or to make the balding head go completely bald, to get a neater, sharper look.


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