Melanotan II Injections- Best Tanning Formula for Women

Melanotan II Injections- Best Tanning Formula for Women

The trend in Melanotan Injection is going bazak. Bodybuilders and weight loss candidates alike are welcome to the idea of popular fat loss supplement. Being a peptide, Melatonin induces normal secretion of melanin. Melanin is also another basic peptide in the human body that is evenly distributed around the skin. When you get exposed to ultraviolet rays, melanin results to your skin becoming darker. Melanotan II is an artificial type of the melatonin peptide that is aimed towards giving individuals an attractive tan.

The agent is a naturally manufactured hormone with 100% natural herbal formulation. What it does is regulate skin pigmentation as an artificially created hormone. The higher the amount of melanotan there is in your body, the darker your pigmentation becomes. The skin supplement is widely used by bodybuilders, mainly because of its ability to create a darker skin tone. Although, regulation of skin pigment was the primary role in mind for its manufacture. Melanotan has more functions packed inside its ability apart from skin darkening.

Melanotan Side Effects

Melanotan usage has side effects. However, these side effects are dependent on a particular user. Any individual may not necessarily perceive similar side effects with another. Furthermore, the severity is also different. The most common side effects are dizziness, headache, nausea, flushed face, lethargy and soreness at the injection site. The beneficial effects that make Melanotan II a friend for many include the following; Darker pigmentation, suppression of appetite which is essential for weight loss and enhancement of fat burning which enables you to attain a darker pigmentation. Benefits you may see is the darker pigmentation in the skin, fat loss,  a beautiful lean body mass, and appetite suppression.

Types of Melanotan for Body Builders

  • Type one – A light skin that does not tan.
  • Type two – Created for fair skin that can burn but does not always tan
  • Type three- Created for the middle average skin that burns frequently but never tans.

Before taking the product, it is recommended that the user always learns about their appropriate dosage. The reason is to avoid experiencing severe nausea and ensure regular but slow intake before delving into serious usage.

Melanotan is sold as a bottled powder and always requires dry storage. The user is also advised to reconstitute the product with Sodium Chloride that is made for injections. Additionally, you should take note of your skin type before using the product. After all, you need the appropriate product type for your skin, whether type 1, 2 or 3.

You should check out this fantastic product and see how perfect it suits your needs. The most significant advantage is that the product does not pose any health risks. We are sure you will be glad for the results you will achieve.

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