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Is It Safe To Take Tanning Injections?

The quest for sun-kissed, brown skin has never been so prevalent than in the digital world, where people are so into posting and sharing pictures of themselves depicting their moods, styles, emotion, lifestyle, etc. The skin tanning industry is booming than ever before as selfie-obsessed people are determined to look their best all the time.

Tanning injections are one of the common methods that are growing in popularity among people who are looking for an effective way to tanning. Tanning injections available online and on the local market works to replicate alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone in the body, stimulating the production of the pigment melanin in the skin cells.

The purpose of tanning injections is to help create tanned skin with minimal exposure to the sun, thereby protecting the users from potential skin damage and lowering melanoma risk.

Is it safe to take tanning injections to tan the skin?

This is a very common question that pops out of every individual who admires tanned skin and wants to achieve the look. Since tanning injections were introduced, many clinical tests and trials have been carried out for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the product. Those who have used tanning injections have been successful in achieving their look and have experienced less or no complications after use.

With proper care and precaution, using tanning injection can be safe, effective, time-saving, and can give the perfect color that you are looking for. It is important that you consider the following factors to ensure that your tanning injection application is safe and provides effective results.

Clean injecting equipment

Users are advised to use a new and clean needle every time they need to administer the product. Make sure to dispose of the needle safely. Users can choose diabetic needles, which are quite suitable for subcutaneous injection and they are less painless to use as well.

Check instability and impurity of the product

It is important to check your vial before you use it. When they are not stored or prepared properly, they can be contaminated with bacteria or other chemicals. Check for any visible particles or discoloration, and don’t use if you find any, as it can lead to infection and other complications. Store your product in a safe, cool place, and away from children.

Buy from an authentic seller

While there are many tanning injection online providers, out there, it is important that you check their side and ensure that you are buying from authentic providers, like Betatan, who are specialized in the product and can help you achieve the best look, safely and effectively. 

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